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Salmon Need Forests, Forests Need Salmon (short video, David Suzuki)

Coho and Stealhead salmon in Point Reyes National Seashore

All About Salmon

Krill: It's what's for dinner!

Salmon for kids (National Geographic)

Salmonpages, resources for teachers

Adopt-a-Salmon-Family (National Geographic news, USFWS program)

Ten Ways to Become a Salmon Steward

Noah's Ark for Salmon (Sierra Club)

Water conservation resources by State (interactive map)

No More Fish in the Sea? (How to save the ocean's bounty, National Geographic news)

Wild News

Salmon population crashes in West

Fisherman and Conservationists File Legal Action to Help Salmon

Crisis in California: Water Diversion and the Delta

Oregon sues feds over dammed salmon

Farmed Salmon Decimating Wild Salmon Worldwide


let's go! At Ocean's End
find flowers, waves and elk
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let's go! Up the Creek
search for salmon

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please support

Cordell Bank National
Marine Sanctuary
Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition
Wild and Free Scenic Rivers
Seafood WATCH®: Choices for Healthy Oceans
Water Conservation
Susan Farrar, photographer
Point Reyes National Seashore















podcasts! conversations
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Wilderness Sea
Meet Jennifer Stock,
education director for
Cordell Bank National
Marine Sanctuary
California. Listen to
her story of a magical
underwater wilderness
and imagine it's

fascinating diversity.
Jenny tells us of her
adventures in and on
this wild world.


Fish Stories
Meet Paola Bouley,
Conservation Director
for the Salmon Protection
and Watershed Network

(SPAWN) in California.
Listen to some good fish
stories and hear about the
heroes who protect our
watersheds and what we
can do to help salmon in
our community waterways.

  Never too Young
Meet Noahlani, 11-year
old creek naturalist for
Salmon Protection
and Watershed Network.
Listen to Noahlani's
enthusiasm for creek
and salmon ecology.
  Sequoia's Song
Listen to the story behind
the song that ends Hero's
Journey. Sequoia's song
was an impromptu addition
from the heart and mind of
a 9-year-old contemplating
a salmon's struggle.

podcasts! extras

videos and more ...

National Geographic Explorer: Sockeye Salmon
Visit the lush scenery and harsh conditions of the Alaskan wilderness in this
short video about Sockeye salmon spawning and the stunning challenges
they face.

creek care guide
Creek Care Guide
If you live along a creek as
I do, you'll want to download
this great resource and
share it with neighbors.

Source: Marin County
Stormwater and Pollution
Control Project


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