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Among the Ancient Trees of MUIR WOODS
on the Wild Pacific Coast

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  • Facts

  • Muir Woods, old growth forest, urban retreat

    "Redwoods" (Discovery Channel short video)

    Little Things That Run the World

    All about Spotted Owls

    All about John Muir


    Redwoods for kids (National Geographic)

    Clues Emerge in the Fog

    Fog Forests

    100 Mile Odyssey: California redwoods transect (National Geographic Expedition)

    The Great Redwood Forest Coalition

    Where to see redwoods... California State Parks

    Where to see redwoods...
    Humboldt County's Redwood Coast

    A Chance to Protect the Ancient Redwoods

    "Song of the Redwood Tree" from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman (voice of a dying giant, c. 1800's)

    "Son of the Wilderness: The Life of John Muir" by Linnie Marsh Wolfe (Pulitzer Prize)

    Wild News
    Hyperion: Discovery of the World's Tallest Tree (National Geographic video)

    Climbing the world's tallest tree (youtube)

    Northern Spotted Owls, closer than ever to extinction

    Owls Face Spotted Future

    Climate change and California forests

  • Hero photographer


let's go! Summer Fog
get calm, cool and quiet

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let's go! Among the Ancients
walk with the giants

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please support

Save-the-Redwoods League
The Nature Conservancy
Point Reyes Bird Observatory
Trish Carney, photographer
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy


*Images by Gina Farr, Trish Carney, Maggie Rufo, Fred Runner, Save-the-Redwoods League, SPAWN and Golden Gate National Parks Archives and Records. Thank you for supporting our creative partners.









podcasts! conversations
with interesting people...


Preserving Peace
Meet Mia Monroe, popular
Site Supervisor of Muir
Woods National Monument.
Listen to Mia talk about
the connection between
peace and the ancient
trees. Hear her story of
how she dedicated a part
of the forest to natural
quiet -- the first National
Park to preserve an area
for enjoying the pure
sounds of nature.

  When the Spotted Owl Calls
Meet Bill Merkle, Wildlife
Ecologist for the Golden
Gate National Recreation
Area and Muir Woods, our
Northern Spotted Owl
expert. Listen to efforts
to care for the health and
welfare of one of the
Park's biggest stars and
hear about the challenges
it faces.
  Old Time Radio
Meet Dave Parker, 1940's
radio personality
(The Lone Ranger, The
Green Hornet), early T.V.
producer, broadcasting
teacher at Stanford
University and creator of
the upcoming documentary
"Remembering Radio".
Listen to a couple of great
old stories and hear what
makes a long and happy life.
  The First Tourists
Meet Fred Runner, local
historian and professional
sound mixer for major
films and television.
Take a trip down memory
lane to the Muir Woods
of the past. Can you hear
the distant train inviting
you up the sunny
mountain and down
to the foggy forest?
(part one)

podcasts! extras
videos and more...


Sound Philosophy
Hear what an accomplished sound man has to say
about sound and its effect
on our emotions. Fred
Runner ought to know --
he's an award-winning
sound mixer for big
box-office movies,
including The Right Stuff,
The Matrix Reloaded and
Batman Begins. (Part two)

Mt. Tamalpais Railway
Listen to Fred Runner
introduce his book.
Fred is a professional
sound man and story-
teller, so this is a pretty
cool couple of minutes!

NOTE: Click full screen
(4 arrows bottom
of image) to read Fred's
book cover.

SIERRA No. 28:
Pride & Melancholy

Train's a coming 'round
the bend!
Listen to the
familiar sounds of
another era.


Credit: Fred Runner


The Barred Owls Have It
Seattle Times' video takes a short look at a recent threat
to the Northern Spotted Owl -- the entrance of Eastern
Barred Owls into areas never seen before. Barred Owls
are currently displacing Spotted Owls from Muir Woods
and much of it's native western territory .
One Minute Train Ride to the Past
Climb aboard the "Crookedest Railroad in the World" and into a Gravity Car for an unforgettable adventure on
" Mt. Tam". Sound and some video, circa 1906-1908, are thanks to Thomas Edison's inventions. Soundtrack is tribute to Theodore Roosevelt for creating Muir Woods and our National Parks, "A Teddy Bear's Picnic".

This is a fun one minute ride!

Credit: Thanks to Fred Runner and James Dunn for permission to use portions of their train video production.

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