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Pure Nature™ Soundscape CDs
Wild Sound Stories on DVD


Coyotes (National Geographic)
Coyote (wikipedia)


Coyotes for kids
(National Geographic)


Civil War or Civility: How to live with coyotes (HSUS)

PROJECT COYOTE: innovative solutions that foster peaceful coexistence between people and coyotes

Keep Me Wild, (CA Fish & Game)

Dogs, llamas and donkeys, effective guards for livestock (Colorado University Extension)

Wild News
Wile E. Coyote -- Coyotes in Pop Culture

Coyote as trickster

Miwok mythology

Chicago coyote in Quiznos (youtube)

Update: Chicage coyote released

For the love of Charlie: Daily Coyote Blog

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Trish Carney, photographer
Albert Tenaya,
Native American music
WildCare, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Nature Education
Point Reyes National Seashore
Kule Loklo Volunteers
The Hungry Owl Project
Humane Society of the United States



*Images by Trish Carney, Gina Farr, Maggie Rufo, Loretta Farley and under the wiki creative commons license (spotlight on species image by christopher bruno). Thank you for supporting our creative partners.


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podcasts! conversations
with interesting people...


First People
Meet Loretta Farley,
field ranger and Native
American cultural inter-
preter at
Point Reyes
National Seashore
California. Listen to the
story of Kule Loklo and
how we might use
native wisdom.


Living with Wildlife
Meet Maggie, volunteer
for WildCare Wildlife
Rehabilitation and
Nature Education Center

in California. Listen to
heartfelt compassion
and hear ideas on how
to live happily with our
wildlife neighbors.


Capturing the Wilds
Trish Carney,
wildlife photographer
and contributing visual
artist to Coyote Dreams.
Trish shares her secrets
for capturing wildlife on
film, her thoughts about
sharing our world with
wildlife and a story from
one of her many fine
outdoor adventures.


Natural Music
Albert Tenaya,
composer, musician
and descendent of the
last chief of Yosemite,
Chief Tenaya. Listen to
Albert's personal story
of creating from
the heart and hear his
inspiration for the beautiful
flute song featured in
Coyote Dreams.


Story as Teacher
Meet John Littleton,
teacher, cultural anthro-
pologist and storyteller.
Listen to the value of
story and how it can
quickly create meaning,
convey values and
inspire action.



podcasts! extras
videos and more ...


Coyote Creates People
Listen to teacher and
anthropologist John
Littleton tell a traditional
Native American creation
story starring coyote


Hummingbird Brings Fire
John Littleton tells a
Native American female
empowerment story.
Listen to how hummingbird
courageously steals fire
for the first people.


Clapper Sticks
John Littleton
introduces a clapper
stick, used by Miwok,
Pomo and other
California indians
to accompany story,
song and dance.


Pomo Songs
Edward Willie, Native
American artist and
traditional performer
sings three typical
Pomo dance songs.

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