birds sing in the wild branches
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Welcome to Wild Sound Stories, a gateway to imagination where natural sights and sounds invite you into the heart of nature. Step out of your human form for a few wild minutes to walk, fly, swim or float as the animal or elemental star of your own adventure story. Become a coyote, a salmon, or a peaceful bank of fog rolling through an ancient redwood forest!


listen Wild Sound Stories

Wild Sound Stories are six-minute multimedia adventures that connect you with the animals, cultures and habitats of a natural area. Sound stories are a fun and intuitive way to sample the unique character of a wild place and gain insight into the lives, loves and struggles of others who share this world we call home.

Experience beautiful images and authentic natural sounds recorded on location in binaural stereo for a "you-are-there" adventure. These powerful sensory stories contain no words and can quickly connect you to the feeling of wild.


podcasts! Conversations

Listen to podcasts to explore the larger context of each sound story. Drop in on conversations with conservationists, researchers and creative artists who care about the health and welfare of our community .. and who tell a good story!


Download a portable adventure to your iPod and you're ready to explore a Wild Sound Story in the field. ADVENTURES-TO-GO are designed to be thoughtful, gentle adventures that connect the explorer with the cadence of natural voices.

natural sounds A World of Sound

Do you hear what I hear? Explore the world of natural sound through the creativity of art and science.


visit the blog The Making of...

Talk about sound stories and other adventures on the weblog, Note Catcher. Scan the story boards. Fiddle around in the field notes. Be on the lookout for buried treasure in the Behind the Scenes section of every Wild Sound Story.

go with me Into the Wilds

Explore your place among the wild things. Go with me on a daylong sound safari or longer on a Journey of the Senses. Listening retreats in California, Hawaii and coastal British Columbia are ideal for those who seek an antidote to civilization and who want to experience a deep connection with life through the senses. COMING SOON.



You don't have to travel deep into the woods, far out onto the water or high into the mountains to connect with our wild world. Let any natural place inspire you. Learn to listen for the quieter voices carried on the wind, the changing song of the streams and the wild singing in the branches. You'll discover a grand world brimming with diversity, urgent in its need to sustain life, and welcoming of your interest in its conservation.

Because we are interconnected with the larger community of life, the struggle of another in our community is our struggle, too. As you experience the stories of the wild world, imagine life from another's perspective. Reflect upon how that life is different and marvel at how it is also the same. If you ask yourself what are the best ways to help others survive in these changing times, you'll be helping to create a world in which we all may flourish.

Wild Sound Stories are the stories of emotional connection to life on earth. If life is your adventure, these are your stories.

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Noe showing!

Coyote at sunset


Go native. Explore the dreamtime in California's earthquake rift zone
...on four paws

jump to Hero's journey sound story

Swim with the whales, then up a quiet bay and through a rainy, fern-filled creek to fulfill your destiny.

jump to In the Company of Giants wild sound story

Breathe the sweet air of personal and global peace in Earth's towering cathedral. Merge with the forest mist and meet rare spotted owls. Float back into time to hear the historic call of our noble ideals.


wild sound stories


Here's a look at a few of the wild sound stories we'd like to produce.

LOST HORIZON: The Last Inhabitants of Paradise

Where: Hawaiian rainforest, Kauai
When: Winter 2008

Day of the Grizzly: Big, Wild and Free in Denali

Where: Denali National Park, AK
When: Summer 2009

Back to Nature: Life Restored to its Wetland Home

Where: Point Reyes National Seashore, CA
When: Fall 2008 to Fall 2013

On the Edge of the Sea: A Raptor's Migration across the Golden Gate

Where: Point Reyes National Seashore, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Land's End,
San Francisco, CA
When: Fall 2008

Birth of a Heron: Springtime at Audubon Canyon Ranch

Where: Bolinas Lagoon and Audubon Canyon Ranch, CA
When: Spring 2009

podcasts! Help Us Help Others

Help us help those on the front lines of conservation. Consider becoming a financial sponsor for Wild Sound Stories environmental messaging project. Your funds put needed skills and creative media directly into the hands of conservation heroes working to connect people of all ages with our vanishing natural world. Together we can amplify our collective voice to preserve, protect and honor our only home.

If you want to become a sponsor of Wild Sound Stories environmental messaging project, or if you have a conservation program you'd like to communicate with creative and portable media, contact Gina.

Thank you!


birds sing in the wild branches














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